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I love to plan family travel adventures with our four kids. Encouraging time in nature, National Parks travel, backpacking and hiking are my passions and I love to write about them.


  • I LOVE Yellowstone, I just was discussing though how serious the build up is underneath it. Do you guys realize that basically under Yellowstone, there’s just a huge active supervolcano which could seriously erupt at nearly any time? It’s actually overdue for eruption! I just talked about it a few weeks ago in great detail: survivingtheaftermath .com I would love to have your opinion on some of this, please come and check it out, let me know what you think. You seem to really know the area…I have only been there a few times…but I am under the impression you may even live there… It may be interesting to hear what you have to say, please, comment and let us know your thoughts?

  • I am glad there’s another mom out there who researches the dangers. My family thought I was crazy for googling “deaths on Mist Trail in Yosemite.” 🙂 I kept telling them that our national parks are quite different from Disney World.

    I’m planning a trip to Yellowstone for next summer and have enjoyed reading your blog.

  • Great information. We too are planning a trip to Yellowstone from Cincinnati. We’re curious about places to stay along the way, places to see and what to eat. This info is very useful. Thanks!

  • Reading your blog….
    We live in Louisville and are heading to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone this summer.
    We have a 11 & 15 year old….anything we absolutely have to do on our trip?
    Thanks to your recommendations I can add a couple of stops along the way.
    Where did you stay when you went to Mt. Rushmore?

    • You are going to have an awesome time!! We stayed at the KOA Mt.Rushmore which was a destination in itself! We tent camped, but they also have cabin rentals. I would stay there again when we go back. As far as must do–have your kids look at Fodor’s National Parks of the West and pick some of the hikes they most want to do. There is so much diversity in Yellowstone, you could spend a lifetime! Have a great trip! Let me know how it goes–I would love to hear about it. Happy Travels!

  • Really enjoying your website & blog about your National Park adventures. I, too, have 4 kids (12, 10, 9 & 7) , live just north of Cincinnati, and am heading west next week by car to Yellowstone & Grand Teton. Stops hopefully at Badlands, Mt. Rushmore & Devil’s Tower. We are meeting another family with 3 children of similar ages. Cannot wait! We are staying just outside the west entrance of the park in West Yellowstone. did you get there on your journey? curious if you have any recommended places to eat/visit. Also – any recommended trails in Yellowstone that would be good for younger kids? My son is a scout and fairly experienced for his age but the other kids – new to it all. Thanks again for your posts – plan to visit frequently as we adventure to many national parks.

    • Welcome Caroline! You are going to have so much fun on your trip! Our trip from Cincinnati followed a similar path. We stopped at Sioux Falls, Corn Palace and Wall Drug and that really helped break up the drive. We never did make it to West Yellowstone so I can’t recommend anything in that area but enjoyed meals at the cafeteria at Old Faithful Inn as well as the Canyon Lodge Cafeteria. Both had good food at reasonable prices. There are a ton of wonderful short walks in the park- we liked Mud Volcano and Sulphur Caldron as well as the trail around the West Thumb Geyser Basin. How about trying one of these short ones and seeing how everyone does? If everyone is enjoying spending time on the trails you could try the 5 mile round trip uncrowded hike to Lone Star Geyser which we really enjoyed. Have a great trip…I hope you will come back and let me know how it went!

  • Found you on the Monday Mingle blog hop. What a great blog!! I love Yellowstone! We are your newest followers on bloglovin’ and Twitter. Looking forward to more posts from you!
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts

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