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I love to plan family travel adventures with our four kids. Encouraging time in nature, National Parks travel, backpacking and hiking are my passions and I love to write about them.


  • I love how your kids are real contributors to your trips! Mine are a lot younger than yours, so I have this to look forward to. Are tapeworm cysts and other water threats well-publicized or do you have to think to research the water sources before each trip? (Total newbie backpacking dreamer here!)

    • The only place we have been that tapeworms have been an issue is Isle Royale in Michigan and it is well publicized there about what treatment options work, both on their website and at the ranger talk when you arrive on the island. Viruses are generally more of an issue in international travel so filters are adequate in the backcountry. If you want to be especially careful, a two step process of filtrations followed by chemical treatment will kill most anything. Dreaming of trips is where it all starts!

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