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I love to plan family travel adventures with our four kids. Encouraging time in nature, National Parks travel, backpacking and hiking are my passions and I love to write about them.


  • I’m a huge fan of this! I make up quick cooking oatmeal for work everyday. I just mix up my own to fit my dietary needs (no added sugar) & add hot water. My fave flavor combos: strawberries & cream (freeze dried strawberries & dehydrated milk powder), mango & cashew ( freeze dried mango & unsalted, not roasted cashews), strawberry-coconut, pina colada ( milk powder, pineapple, coconut, freeze dried banana), banana-nut, apple-cranberry-walnut. Trader Joe’s is my goto spot for freeze dried fruits. The freeze dried fruits come out mushy & are usually sweeter with no added sugar. Using dried fruits gives a chewy texture. Of course, the most amazing combos include many textures. All of the ingredients are shelf stable, so I can make up a ton & then grab and go. Yay oatmeal! I’m glad to see others doing the same.

  • I eat oatmeal all the time well backpacking, with family while camping. It is one of my favorite foods, being light so my pack isn’t heavy, easy to make, and it still has a good taste. Dried Apples, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar is my favorite flavor while backpacking.
    Go roadtriptheworld!

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