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Camping in Everglades National Park

While camping in Everglades National Park is beyond beautiful, it is not without problems! From torrential downpours to crazy high humidity, the weather in the park can be intense. Since I have family in South Florida, we have been lucky enough to visit the Everglades many times over the years. (Click HERE to read about a previous trip.) And we love it because we are able to see diverse wildlife like manatees and alligators and ecosystems like no other. From the beach along the Florida Bay to Mangroves forests along the brackish inner passages, the scenery is unforgettable. So no matter what the weather may bring, we continue to come and explore this amazing National Park.

Camping at Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park:

The last time we visited Everglades National Park, we decided to camp at Flamingo Campground. Knowing rain is ALWAYS possible in South Florida, we came prepared for whatever Mother Nature decided to throw at us. But silly us, thinking that the cool weather would make for bug-free conditions, we came woefully unprepared for the onslaught of mosquito bites we received. And even in the middle of December and despite the pleasant temperatures, we were eaten alive by mosquitoes while camping alongside the Florida Bay. I am talking COVERED with red itchy bites that drove us absolutely crazy. It was so bad that we spent way more time in our tents than we normally would in order to escape the incessant onslaught. So to manage the inevitable bugs, here’s my advice if you decide to go camping in Everglades National Park.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes When Camping in Everglades National Park:

1. Bring the strongest, most potent Insect Repellent you can find. And use it. Often.

2. Reserve an electric site so you can bring along a powerful Fan to help blow the little carnivores away.

3. Wear long pants and shirts and bring a Mosquito Head Net if you are planning on doing any hiking. This is especially important at dawn and dusk.

4. Take along a Screened Canopy to have a protected place to relax.

Camping in Everglades National Park- An Unforgettable Experience:

If you do all of those things, you will have a trip you will never forget while camping in Everglades National Park. Since you are on the southernmost tip of Florida, both the sunrises and sunsets are serene and memorable and I loved looking out my tent over the calm waters of the Florida Bay and watching the sky light up with the sun. The wild life is amazing and we saw countless birds, manatees and alligators. And even short hikes yield amazing scenery. Everglades National Park is truly a wilderness area like no other. But I’m serious, come prepared to be at war with the mosquitoes.

Have you been camping in Everglades National Park? I’d love to hear about your visit!

Happy Travels!

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