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I love to plan family travel adventures with our four kids. Encouraging time in nature, National Parks travel, backpacking and hiking are my passions and I love to write about them.


  • I can’t imagine how hard it can be to share such a small space with everybody everyday! But I still think you are living a dream! At least of mine anyway. Thank you so much for sharing this trip. I didn’t know about the campervan restrictions. I actually camp in my car and can be pretty stealthy. I dream of a campervan to make this a little easier so I’m soaking up your experience!

    • It’s definitely been interesting to be so close to each other all of the time! I really like to camp in both my regular car and now, the van. It makes it so simple to sleep and go. Thanks for the comment, JJ!

  • Just caught up on alllll your posts. Thanks for writing up all those stops! What fun!!! You and your family are so blessed!

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