Adventure Van Travels – Banff and Lake Louise

We woke up early and headed into Banff town. We first visited the Banff National Park Museum, which had a really interesting historic collection of wildlife specimens. We then explored the town, which was wonderful. Banff is quaint, clean and bustling. There are tons of cute shops and restaurants. We found free parking on the road too, which was especially nice.adventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanWe bought some souvenirs for friends back home and also had one of my favorite meals of the whole trip at Wild Flour Cafe- large slices of focaccia and a bowl of delicious curried lentil soup. They also served a yummy kale and beet salad. Served with a cookie, it was only 10 dollars Canadian, which was a great deal too.adventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanAfter our morning in Banff, we headed north to Lake Louise. But too bad, the crowds had gotten there first so we were told we couldn’t park there. No worries, we parked at the Tramline trail head instead and walked the easy three mile trail instead. But then it started storming right when we got there. So we spent a couple of hours at the beautiful lodge instead of hiking to the Lake Agnes tea house before scurrying back to the car. So this is how the other half lives! This place was FANCY! Still enjoyed the beautiful views!adventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanWhile the weather wasn’t awesome, we still had a great time. We are quite sad to leave Banff, but are heading to Radium Hot Springs in Kooteney National Park today which I’m really looking forward to. And the weather looks like it is going to be great!

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