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I love to plan family travel adventures with our four kids. Encouraging time in nature, National Parks travel, backpacking and hiking are my passions and I love to write about them.


  • I always wish this kind of trip with my family, Pictures are really cool!! This post motivated me to have a road trip with my family and cousins. 🙂

  • Coming home back after a journey of a thousand miles, What a feeling. After this long trip you have a great experience in your life. When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. Its really nice you shared your beautiful moments. beautiful pictures.

  • Looks like an amazing trip! No wonder it will be one you will never forget. I am looking forward to your Greyson Highlands post. We live about 1.5 hours from there and have visited on a day trip. Lovely area!

  • Thank you for posting details about your trip this summer. I’m glad that I found your site before you started your summer adventure, so that I could follow along. It was great to get a new email from you every couple of days, to see where you had been and what you had done. Your summer trip was amazing and I’m glad you were able to pull it off. Looking forward to your upcoming posts…

  • Hi Tricia
    It is good to be home! We did 5 states and 3000 miles so a little less. Kids are back in school and I hear you about catching up. We rolled in August 25 and my husband immediately flipped the camper to go hunting for a week. I was so not ready to be home. Super interested to hear how you plan a budget for a long trip. Mine went upside down when the truck overheated in Amarillo! Positive problem solving is part of it right ?

    • Tanya- The budget (and trying not to blow it!) is definitely the hardest part for me. I hope you had a fun road trip and that your kids have a great school year!

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