Disney Princess Half Marathon Be Our Guest Restaurant Part 8

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Disney World Part 8- Be Our Guest Restaurant

Since we first booked our vacation, Naomi and I have been planning on where to eat. We really enjoy the restaurants at Disney World so I was very excited to reserve a table at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom.  We booked our reservation for 4:50 so we would have time to eat a relaxing meal before the evening parade.  I like the way they designed Beast’s castle.  It gives the perception that the castle is high up in the mountains which allows it to look grand without overshadowing Cinderella’s castle.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Beast's Castle- Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon with Naomi- Beast's Castle in background

There is a bridge you walk over to get to the restaurant check in area.  From it you have a nice view of Ariel’s castle which houses the new Little Mermaid ride. The New Fantasyland is really taking shape! I can’t wait to see it when it’s complete!

Disney Princess Half Marathon Waiting for Be Our Guest- Ariel's Castle in the Background

Be Our Guest Restaurant

We checked in and were given pagers to let us know when our table would be ready.  There were many other people there to check in and we felt relieved we had reservations as I saw several people told that they were fully booked and could not take walk ups. It wasn’t long before a pager went off and our names were called by the woman who would be our waitress.  She welcomed us as guests to the castle and said to make ourselves at home. From the moment you enter you notice all the attention to detail that makes Disney such a great experience. The stained glass, lighting, and colors of the rooms are beautiful!  We passed through the ball room and could see the snow falling inside the windows.  What a beautiful effect!

Disney Princess Half Marathon Be Our Guest Restaurant- Stained Glass in Entryway

The restaurant was already very crowded. As we were led inside we were excited to be told we would be seated in the West Wing section of the Restaurant. This room is much smaller than the Ballroom so it is quieter as well.

Disney Princess Half Marathon West Wing- Be Our Guest Restaurant

As you can see, it is very dark in this section of the restaurant but it fits with the theme so we really enjoyed it.  Every so often thunder would crack and the lights would flicker.  It feels really dark and spooky. There were clawed paintings and portraits around the room just like in Beauty and the Beast and the rose was visible in the far wall as well.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Rose in West Wing- Be Our Guest

We were given our menus and a wine list. The napkins on the table were folded into roses which was a nice touch. The tables are nicely spread out from each other. Service was great at the restaurant!  Our waitress was attentive and quick when we needed something but also let us linger.  I hate to feel rushed at a restaurant and she never made us feel that way.

Disney Princess Half Marathon West Wing- Be Our Guest Restaurant

Disney Princess Half Marathon Napkin Roses

I ordered a glass of the Flora Spring Chardonnay and I enjoyed it.  We then each ordered bowls of French Onion Soup to start. Our soup was delicious and we were glad we had not shared! The broth was not overly salty and tasted very rich.  There was a ton of cheese melted on top! Naomi does not eat meat so her choices were limited but she decided to order the Salad Trio appetizer as her meal which consists of three little salads- Roasted Beet, raisin and orange; Green beans, tomatoes and shallots; and Watermelon, radish and mint. This was a little adventurous for her taste but she enjoyed it. Her favorite was the watermelon. I ordered the Rotisserie Cornish Hen and it was a little dry but tasty nonetheless.  We made sure to save room for dessert because we had been checking out the dessert cart all through dinner.  They roll the cart over to your table so you can choose what you like and they present it to you at the table.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Cupcakes for dessert- Be Our Guest Restaurant

We ordered the Strawberry Cream Cheese and the Triple Chocolate cupcakes. They were yummy and just the right size for dessert.  I like when desserts are not overly huge; that way we could try both! At this point they announced that Beast would be in the Library to welcome guests.  We were finished with our meal so we headed that way passing through the Ballroom again. It is a huge room and really beautiful. Because is is so large and open, it was a little loud.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Be Our Guest Restaurant

We met Beast in the library.  I always feel a little awkward with characters and did here as well.  I just never know what to say so I end up giggling like a little girl. We took pictures with our photopass and then left heading down the hallway where the Knights lined the walls and talked to each other just like in the movie. One was snoring too. Again, Disney’s attention to detail is awesome!

Disney Princess Half Marathon Be Our Guest Restaurant

We definitely enjoyed our meal here! It is nice to have another table service option in Magic Kingdom and get a chance to meet a character without the chaos of a typical character meal. I would definitely eat here again.  We were now ready to go check out the Electrical Parade and the Wishes.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Magic Kingdom Electrical Parade

Disney Princess Half Marathon Electrical Parade- Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon Wishes at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest, the Electrical Parade and Wishes was the perfect way to end such a wonderful trip.  I will always remember this time alone with Naomi and treasure it.  We walked back to the buses to take us to our room at All Star Sports and went to sleep early since we were driving the 900 miles straight through the next day. It had been another successful Disney World experience. We can’t wait to go back!

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Have you been to Disney or run one of the runDisney Races?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Travels!

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