Princess Half Marathon Race Expo and Disney Studios Part 2

Princess Half Marathon Race Expo and Disney Studios Part 2

Princess Half Marathon trip- Part 2

After checking in, Naomi and I ate a quick lunch in the food court at All Star Sports splitting a cheese pizza and fettuccine alfredo which was also served with a breadstick. We also had mickey rice crispy treats for dessert which I saved for later since I was too full. When we booked our vacation, we had purchased a quick service plan so with two bottles of water we used two counter service credits. We then took the runDisney bus to the race expo. RunDisney provided transportation to all race events during the weekend which was very convenient. After check in, our car didn’t move until we left 5 days later. At the expo bus stop, we waited in line for about 1 minute when a bus pulled up to get us there. This year, the expo was held at Coronado Springs Resort as Wide World of Sports was hosting Braves Spring Training. The resort is beautiful and it was full of princesses and their families bustling around.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo

Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Expo

While I heard from other princesses that the expo was a madhouse early in the day, we had no problems picking up our race materials. We were even welcomed by royal footmen. We walked right up with no lines to pick up our race packets and again no line to pick up our shirts. We had also purchased the commemorative race pin and necklace and picked these up with no line as well. If lines had been long I can see that standing in three of them would have been irritating! On the other hand, the product sales portion of the expo was indeed crazy!  All the vendors seemed to have crazy lines and we were having to dart around people just to look around. I felt like I was constantly bumping into other shoppers so we decided to just keep our money since it was going to be a hassle to spend it! The one thing we would wait for was the “I Did It” shirt that Naomi had her heart set on so we decided to wait in the snaking runDisney merchandise line to purchase it.  The area set aside for runDisney merchandise was too small for the number of people wanting to purchase things.  It was pretty chaotic! We spotted her shirt, grabbed it and got out of there. All together it took about 25 minutes.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo Footmen

Disney Studios

After we picked up our race packets we headed over to Disney Studios for the evening to see Fantasmic.  Naomi and I ate a quick dinner at Rosie’s All American Cafe before the show.  She ordered the veggie burger and carrot cake, and I got the cheeseburger with the key lime cupcake with large iced teas. While edible, nothing I would crave again. We then picked up our drinks and headed in to the theater to wait for the show to start. There was cute entertainment before the show where two hosts interacted with the audience in various silly ways. It made the wait go fast. The sky was finally dark and the show began. My family teases me but I always tear up during the show. Disney just gets me emotional! It’s been a few years since I had seen Fantasmic, and I loved it as much a I remembered.

Disney Princess Half marathon Fantasmic

After Fantasmic, Naomi and I were pretty wiped out so we headed back to the hotel to get to bed. We didn’t have too long of a wait for the buses and we headed straight to our room. In fact, during our entire trip we only waited more than a couple of minutes only one time, and the one time we had to wait was only 10 minutes or so. Wake up calls at Disney involve Mickey and Stitch and we love to wake up to it! We set our Stitch wake up call early so we could start our next day in Animal Kingdom.

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Have you run in a runDisney Race?  I’d love to hear about it!

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