Looking for an easy way to connect with your kids? Check out Bondi!

Bondi Created by Tom Hochma as a way to bond with his two young children, Bondi is a free website (and soon to be mobile app for both iPhone and Android) that provides a new topic each day for you and your child to learn something new while spending quality time together.  Designed to take about ten minutes to complete, each day’s activity covers two topics as well as a song that both kids and their parents will find interesting.  I like that it only takes ten minutes to complete each daily session as this makes it easy to fit in to your normal routine.  I also think this would be a fun activity for road trips and the upcoming mobile app will make that especially convenient.  So if you’re interested in an easy way to connect with your kids while teaching them something new each day, Check out Bondi.Bondi Topic- How a New Plant is Born?Bondi Topic- Snow, Ski and Frank Sinatra

Happy Travels!

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