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National Parks Checklist

In the United States, there are 59 National Parks and I’ve made a free printable National Parks Checklist so you can keep track of which National Parks you’ve visited, and which National Parks are left for you to explore. Our National Parks are an amazing treasure representing diverse landscapes and historical significance and I am not exaggerating when I say that experiences I have had in our incredible public lands have been life changing. From the clear turquoise waters of Dry Tortugas to the unbelievable wildlife of Isle Royale to the majestic mountain views of Glacier, all of our National Parks are amazing. At Road Trip the World, we love our National Parks and other public lands and wilderness areas and we visit them as often as possible. Our National Parks are a resource that deserves appreciation and we should all make time to visit, enjoy, adventure in and protect them. Click on either of the following pictures to access our printable National Parks Checklist!

National Parks Checklist

Use this National Parks Checklist to keep track of the parks you’ve visited, help plan road trip itineraries, and make long term travel plans to visit them all. Visit our National Parks page to help you plan your adventures and also head over to the National Park Service website for more information. Check out this post to learn how to visit our National Parks for free. If you’re planning on backpacking, check out our Backpacking 101 Series to help you get started. You might want to check out our Favorite Hikes category to help plan your National Park visits.

If you are looking for more National Park inspiration, check out this story on PBS News Hour about two friends spending the 59 weeks traveling to and visiting the 59 National Parks. Simply awesome.

Hope you enjoy using the National Parks Checklist to keep track of your National Park adventures!

Happy Travels!

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