Printable States Visited Checklist

Want to keep track of which states you’ve visited and which states are still waiting for you? Check out our printable states visited checklist. Print it out, check off the list and color in the corresponding state on the map to keep you organized, motivate you to explore more of our beautiful country and help plan your next adventures. We keep a copy on a wall which hold many of our travel pictures and maps of places we have visited. It’s a fun way for us to keep track of where we have visited and also helps the kids learn about the geography of the United States.

 Keep Track Of Which States You’ve Visited and Which States are Waiting For You. Click either of the following pictures to access our Printable States Visited Checklist.

Printable States Visited Checklist

Printable States Visited ChecklistWe are on a mission to travel to all of the U.S. states and only have a few more to get to. It’s been so much fun to keep track of which states we have left to explore. To help plan your adventures, check out our State Parks category. You might also like Travel Apps You Need for Your Next Road Trip and Free Printable Road Trip Budget to help plan an upcoming road trip.

For more fun options to keep track of your United States travels, check out this Visiting 50 States Journal or State Sticker Map. Both are great ways to keep track of your travel destinations in a fu and organized way.

Printable States Visited Checklist

Hope you enjoy using our Printable States Visited Checklist to plan your United States adventures! Check off the states that you have travelled to and color in the state on the map and keep track of where you have been.

America is an amazing country with so much beauty found throughout our borders. We are hoping to travel to all 50 states with our kids and can’t wait to explore them all. Happy Travels!

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