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Our Converted Campervan is Ready to Hit the Road!

I’m so excited to share with you all pictures of our converted campervan! It’s been a while since I’ve has the time to post because so much is happening in our family. Baseball games have taken over most of Dave and Garrett’s time, school and final exams have been a challenge, and proms, track meets and science fairs have filled our schedules. Most importantly, Sophie graduated High School last weekend! We are so excited for her to begin the next stage of her life as she heads off to Ohio State this fall.

Converted Campervan – From a Chevy Express to a Cozy Home on Wheels!

And to top it off, our converted campervan project has been keeping us crazy busy! But we are now officially ready to hit the road. Just in the nick of time too, since we are leaving on our epic road trip in just a few days. This project has been so much fun, and I will be sharing detailed content about the various steps that went into making a chevy express passenger van into a converted campervan, but for now I will just share a few pics. Our original project plans are coming along. Some of the projects we worked on to make our converted campervan are the installation of a tow hitch, putting in a back up camera, building bunk beds in the rear of the van, installing a storage net, making privacy curtains, creating both a small and larger tarp systems, and making magnetic mosquito netting for the doorways. It’s been a LOT of work to make our converted campervan ready to go, but tons of fun too and we can’t wait to take her on her inaugural road trip.We will be hitting many amazing National Parks, State Parks and other wilderness areas this summer and I can’t wait to share our trip reports and travel tips with you. Want to follow along? Subscribe to our email newsletter below for our latest blog posts and travel tips. I will be posting on the road updates here on the blog and will also post photos and updates to our Twitter FeedFacebook Page and Instagram, so check them out.

Wishing you a summer filled with adventures. Have any big travel plans? I’d love to hear about them!

Happy Travels!

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