Adventure Van Travels – Santa Cruz Island Of Channel Islands National Park

Sorry I’m late today! We are on beautiful Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands and I had to hike to the top of a ridge for coverage.   We stayed at Wheeler Gorge campground in Los Padres National forest last night which was quiet and pleasant. We only had a 45 minute drive this morning before we took the 8am Island Packers Cruise which was so much fun.    We were warned that there were rough seas, and that was true. But the waves were more fun then scary and we all enjoyed the hour long boat ride. I did take a Dramamine prior to boarding, which I was really glad because the dock at Santa Cruz is no longer in service so we had to wait on board to be shuttled to shore. Waiting on a boat when anchored is what usually gets me sick, but I felt fine.  Once on shore, we hiked about a mile in to our site. Since we had a cooler, that mile was pretty tough! But the campsite we are in- #23, made it more than worth it! Our view of the mountains is unbelievable and we are fairly secluded from the other sites.  We also already met the island foxes. Found nowhere else on earth, the ones on Channel Islands are used to people. One even jumped on Sophie’s lap while she was reading! We are going to spend the rest of the day snorkeling and hiking, so I will tell you more about it tomorrow. Happy Travels!

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