Adventure Van Travels- Back in the USA

So yesterday was a long one. After leaving Radium Hot Springs, we hit the road for Glacier National Park in Montana. And because I only had a small Canada road map and my phone GPS wasn’t working, we made a wrong turn and added a 2 hour detour to our drive since we ended up at the wrong border crossing. Ugh! Luckily, border patrol gave us directions, sent us back to Canada, and we found the closer border and crossed again into the states. But we ended up arriving in West Glacier at Fish Creek Campground at 11. Needless to say, we were beat and went straight to bed. adventure vanWe woke up to stormy skies, which made Lake McDonald look especially dramatic and beautiful. Just a short walk from our site, I loved watching the storm move in over the crystal clear waters of the pristine lake.adventure vanadventure van travelsadventure vanAfter packing up, we headed east on the Going to the Sun Road, one of the most breathtaking drives in the world. It was storming the whole way, which made it hard to see the amazing views. And it was windy, raining and freezing at Logan Pass. So we made our way to St. Mary and decided to set up camp at the KOA and wait for the storm to pass. Once the skies cleared a bit, we decided to head to Many Glacier Lodge. We were hoping to hike to Grinnell Glacier, but the weather was still stormy when we arrived, so we just walked around the lake a bit. We were so excited when on our way back to St. Mary, we saw a mama grizzly with two cubs crossing the stream below the road. Perfect distance to see bears! I only got a few blurry pictures because I was so excited.adventure vanadventure vanadventure van going to the sun roadadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanAll in all, even with the storms, it was still a fantastic day! And tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, so it will hopefully be a beautiful drive when we take the Going to the Sun Road out of the park.

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