New Orleans Mother's Restaurant

New Orleans Mother’s Restaurant

Mother’s Restaurant opened for business in 1938 so it has been around a while. And for good reason! Oh my goodness- Mother’s Restaurant is DELICIOUS! If you are planning a trip to New Orleans, you MUST include a visit to Mother’s Restaurant in your plans. New Orleans Mother's Restaurant We visited on a warm and sunny Saturday morning and we arrived to find a long line snaking down the block waiting for a table. If this is what you walk up to when you visit, don’t worry! The line moves quickly and we only waited 15 minutes or so before we were inside. Once in the doors, we ordered at the hectic and busy counter where efficient cashiers quickly took our orders and provided a receipt for us to take to any available table. Although it doesn’t look like it from outside, Mother’s Restaurant is quite large and we easily found a table to seat ourselves. Once sitting, a waiter came by to pick up our receipts and brought us our drinks. As an aside, Mother’s Restaurant has a no tipping policy, but the waiters throughout the restaurant were friendly and helpful. You can tell they really like doing their jobs. Mother's RestaurantMother's RestaurantMother's RestaurantService is quick at Mother’s Restaurant, and it wasn’t long before our waiter brought our orders. I had chosen the Fried Shrimp Po-boy. Fresh crusty french bread filled with piles of delicious crispy fried shrimp and dressed with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, my sandwich was everything a po-boy should be. Never had a po-boy? There are various versions of the history of the po-boy, but the most popular story holds that when local streetcar drivers went on strike in the late 20s, the signature New Orleans sandwich was created to feed the unemployed workers. The original sandwich was hunks of bread stuffed with whatever meats or seafood were available and served to the “poor boys” on strike. While po-boys may have been created as a cheap meal, they are absolutely yummy and a fried shrimp po-boy is one of my favorite things to eat when visiting New Orleans. And Mother’s Restaurant served up a mean one! Absolutely delicious!Mother's RestaurantDave couldn’t decide what he most wanted, so he ended up choosing both red beans and rice and jambalaya along with turnip greens. And he was not disappointed. His overflowing plate of food was so delicious. Thankfully Mother’s Restaurant’s portions are huge, because I sure ate my share of Dave’s meal.  The jambalaya was perfectly spicy without being overly hot and the red beans and rice was full of flavorful smoked sausage. And the turnip greens? Delicious. We ate every bite. We had ordered a slice of pecan pie to share for dessert. While scrumptious, Dave and I could barely eat any as we were so full from our lunch. Mother's RestaurantOur meal at Mother’s Restaurant ended up being one of our favorite meals during our trip to New Orleans. Not only was the food so yummy, the prices are reasonable and the service was quick, friendly and efficient. This is definitely a New Orleans restaurant that lives up to the hype.


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