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Backpacking Breakfasts: 20 Delicious Recipes

Looking for ideas for satisfying backpacking breakfasts?

Backpacking BreakfastsThen here you go! When I’m out backpacking, I like to have a breakfast that serves two purposes.  One, it needs to be nutritious to give me the energy I need for hiking.  And two, it needs to be delicious enough to coax me out of my cozy sleeping bag and tent!  While I always start my day with a hot coffee (Starbucks VIA Caffe Mocha is my new favorite!), I also like to eat a filling but quick backpacking breakfast to really get me going. Sure, a pop tart or Clif bar will do in a pinch, but I prefer to start my day with some real food.  Here are 20 of my favorite recipes for delicious and nutritious backpacking breakfasts that are both yummy and filling enough to satisfy even the most ravenous hikers in your group. Your backpacking breakfasts will never be the same!

Sweet Backpacking Breakfast Recipes:

Blueberry Almond Quinoa

Logan Bread

Breakfast Bars

Oatmeal with 9 Add-In Combinations

Apple Pie Granola

Almond Flax Granola

Rice Pudding

Hot Granola Trail Breakfast

Simple Bannock Bread

Sweet Potato Bark Porridge

Camp Flapjacks

Tropical Couscous

Maple Sweet Grits

Savory Backpacking Breakfast Recipes:

Cheesy Potatoes

Easy Omelet

Mountain Breakfast

Appalachian Hiking Grits

Cheesy Bacon Grits

Creamy Pumpkin Polenta

Chicken Cheddar Polenta

For backpacking recipes that call for butter or margarine, check out my recipe for Clarified Butter.  Delicious, nutritious and long lasting, clarified butter is a perfect ingredient for backcountry breakfasts and will make all of your meals even better.

For more backpacking breakfast ideas, check out some of my favorite recipe collections ideal for backcountry cooking:

Mary Bell’s Complete Dehydrator Cookbook

The Dehydrator Bible

Recipes for Adventure: Healthy, Hearty and Homemade Backpacking Recipes

Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’: Lightweight, Trail-Tested Recipes For Backcountry Trips

Fork in the Trail: Mouthwatering meals and tempting treats for the backcountry

Happy trails!

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