Visit the National Parks in Canada for Free!

Visit National Parks in Canada For Free!

Brrrr! It’s cold in Cincinnati right now and I don’t know about you, but I am very much looking forward to camping season to return. I’ve been keeping busy by planning the road trip that we are taking this summer. And it’s going to be EPIC! I’m talking 3 months, eleven thousand miles, 6 Canadian National Parks and 18 U.S. National Parks epic. We will be camping all along the route and I will be sure to write all about it. Did I mention that we are buying a large passenger van that Dave is outfitting with back end bunk beds to adventure across the country in? Because we are! Dave is pretty much the most awesome husband ever to do this. We are SO excited for this summer.

Visit the National Parks in Canada for Free!

While I’ve been planning our road trip itinerary into the Canadian Rockies including GlacierJasper, Kootenay, Yoho and Banff National Parks, I found out that Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday by offering free entry to all of their amazing National Parks in 2017 so visitors will be able to visit the National Parks in Canada for free for a whole year and annual passes purchased this year will be good for two full years. So when I buy our 2016 Discovery Pass to use during our summer road trip, I can look forward to visiting all the National Parks in Canada for free in 2017. Which is an especially amazing deal because Canada’s National Parks are awesome!Visit National Parks in Canada for Free

With National Parks on the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, on the Great Lakes and in mountain and plains regions across the country, there are 40 National Parks in Canada to adventure in and explore. And now you can visit these diverse National Parks in Canada for Free! I’ve been lucky enough to visit two of Canada’s National Parks, Waterton Peace Park in Alberta and Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario and both parks were locations we will never forget. I can’t wait to visit more of them this summer and over the next two years!Visit the National Parks in Canada for Free!

Click HERE to order your Discovery Pass for 2016 which will also allow you to visit Canada’s National Parks for free in 2017.

Have you been to any of Canada’s National Parks? I’d love to hear about your visit!

Happy Travels!




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7 replies on “Visit National Parks in Canada For Free!”
  1. says: Caroline

    What an exciting adventure and in your own adventure mobile! That’s so awesome and I look forward to following along as you go. Best of luck on the reno!

  2. says: Nate

    Wow that sounds incredible! And with a customized van??? Too cool. So what’s the secret to getting so much time off?

    1. says: Tricia

      I’m a registered nurse at a hospital where I work standby without benefits so that I can have a flexible schedule. It’s a perfect compromise because I LOVE my job, but also love to travel so I get to do both this way. Dave doesn’t have that much flexibility with his job so on our longer trips he flies out and meets us for whatever period he can get off. 🙂

      1. says: Nate

        That is awesome…Definitely a good way to go. Can you have Dave post a how to on converting a van into a sweet camping machine? Haha. One other question. I’m thinking of maybe doing Rim-to-Rim this year with 2 buddies. Is there a good way to contact you to ask questions?

          1. says: Nate

            Great! Will do…thinking of maybe doing the hike in the fall. I’m still blown away at your kids and how they did it. Major inspiration! And Dave hiking all the way back? Super dad.

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