Adventure Van Travels – Back Country in Bryce Canyon

Forgive my lack of pics in today’s post- connection is spotty and it was nearly impossible to upload this one! It was a beautiful day to hike in Bryce Canyon when we set off down the Riggs Spring Loop Trail from Rainbow Point at the end of the park road. The loop is about 9 miles with several campsites to choose from.   The beginning of the hike from Rainbow Point is gorgeous, but we soon descended into the trees where it was clear that a wildfire has occurred. Less beautiful in a traditional way, but still interesting to look at, we continued hiking.   

Since our hike was only about 3.5 miles to our site, we made it to Riggs Spring early in the day. We hung in hammocks, read, and explored the area. It was clear our site had been affected by the wildfire we had seen evidence of throughout the day.  

 The group site was spacious with several shade trees. However, Riggs Spring itself was pretty interesting. Let’s just say I’ve been used to better water sources than the fly infested murky water coming from the pipe next to the muddy stream. We treated this water extra carefully with our steripen.  

 We spent the evening playing cards, and then turned in early. We were TIRED even with our short day of hiking, because this road trip has definitely been packed so far! I would like to say that we all slept well, but both Sophie and Ryan felt too cold to sleep. The rest of us slept fine, but it did feel chilly to crawl out of our sleeping bags for oatmeal and coffee this morning.  

 Knowing the day was going to heat up, we packed up quickly to hit the trail. The quiet wilderness of Bryce Canyon had been good to us so far and we were looking forward to the hike out. 

Happy Travels!

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