Adventure Van Travels – Sequoia National Park

We arrived in Sequoia National Park and we are in love! The mountains, the wildlife, the crystal clear streams and the giant Sequoia forests are unbelievably beautiful.   But you will have to take my word for it because it is almost impossible to post pictures because internet access is practically nonexistent. I will post pics the next time I have good access! 

 We are staying at Lodgepole Campground next to a flowing stream and can’t wait to explore the area. There is a waterfall hike I plan to do in the morning right near our site. 

While the large campground is packed, sites are large enough to spread out. Sequoia has a convenient shuttle service, so Naomi and I headed to the giant forest to hike a bit while Maya and Sophie relaxed in the stream by our campsite. 

The huge Seqouia trees are jaw dropping. They are so amazing that they almost seem fake. It is just humbling to be here. Being in such amazing wilderness makes me feel small and part of something much bigger. This is my church.    Once back at our site, we cooked dinner making sure to put all of our food back in the provided bear box. The Bears in the Sierra Nevada are tenacious and I don’t want any of them breaking into Bessie! Now we are off to bed with the sun. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Sequoia tomorrow.


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