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Adventure Van Travels – Our First 14ers: Torreys and Grays Peaks

Afternoon thunderstorms are a real possibility in the mountains of Colorado, so we woke up at 5 to get started with our hike to Grays and Torreys peaks. The Stevens Gulch trailhead sits at 11,259 feet and it was cold this early in the morning. Hikers were heading out as early as 4am, so we had plenty of company when we hit the trail at 5:45 after a quick breakfast.And what a trail! The beauty all around us was breathtaking and we saw big horn sheep and mountain goats all along the ridges which helped pass the miles.The hike, including both peaks, is only 8.5 miles. But with 3,600 feet of elevation gain at high altitude, it was definitely a challenge. We took lots of short breaks on the way up Grays Peak.And then we hiked down the saddle trail and up again to Torreys Peak- our second 14er of the day. We were tired by then, but could see clouds coming in so we quickly headed down the trail again in case a storm popped up.All in all, this was a fantastic hike. And we were so happy to have completed a 14er (or two), since we were hiking higher than we had ever hiked before. It was an awesome day. I am so glad we started early, those storms came in quick!And once back down the trail, we SLOWLY made our way down the road. Not gonna lie, I was very relieved when we made it to Interstate 70 again. That is BY FAR the toughest road I’ve ever driven. Tired, sore and happy- this was a great day.

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