Adventure Van Travels – Quick Stop in Canyonlands and on to Colorado 

I LOVE Canyonlands. And this National Park deserves a long visit, but today we only had enough time for a quick hike to Mesa Arch and to take in a few of the scenic viewpoints. As beautiful as I remembered! After leaving Canyonlands, we made a short detour to Dead Horse Point State Park to take the scenic drive and see the overlook over the canyons. It was simply gorgeous!adventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanAnd then we hit the road for Colorado. We have big plans for tomorrow- hiking our first and second mountains over 14,000 feet- Torrey and Grays Peaks from Stevens Gulch in the Rocky Mountains. And since they are right next to each other, we can climb them both on the same day! Only about 8.5 miles, the hike has an elevation gain of 3600 feet and even with all the hiking we’ve been doing, that elevation and altitude level is intimidating! It was raining when we got off Interstate 70 for Highway 189 which led to the trailhead. And lord have mercy, this road was crazy! Torn up with divots, huge rocks, and pot holes, this road was an adrenaline rush to drive up. Bessie made it up like a champ though. Dispersed camping is allowed in the National Forest, so we set up to camp in the van at the trailhead along with several other hikers.adventure vanadventure vanadventure vanGarrett and I took a short walk to check out the abandoned silver mine located near the trail head. It was creepy to see the torn up mining holes. Prime ghost story material for sure.adventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure vanadventure van

And after an early dinner, we hit the sheets, ready to take on the mountains in the morning. Wish us luck!adventure van

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2 replies on “Adventure Van Travels – Quick Stop in Canyonlands and on to Colorado ”
  1. says: Tanya

    It really is beautiful state. I have not been there in 12 years. Pre-kids! Thanks for memories and great pictures. Are you going to stop at any hot springs? Pagosa Springs should be on your way.
    Happy Travels

    1. says: Tricia

      We didn’t get to stop at any southwest hot springs this trip. Mainly because we booked it home after climbing Torrey’s Peak. But Dave used to visit Pagosa Springs all the time growing up. Will have to visit next time we are out that way!

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