Granitas at PJ’s Coffeehouse

Like many college students, one of the things that got me through my classes was coffee. And lots of it. And when I lived in New Orleans, PJ’s Coffeehouse was my go to place for a caffeine fix.

So when we arrived in New Orleans, we pulled our van up to the first PJ’s Coffeehouse we saw to slurp up our favorite coffee drink in the world- Granitas at PJ’s Coffeehouse.Granitas at PJ's CoffeehouseGranitas at PJ’s Coffeehouse are basically strong coffee, sugar and cream frozen and then blended. So it’s strong and sweet coffee with the consistency of a frozen margarita. The picture above shows our Granitas with whipped cream on top which is not typical and was done by an overzealous barista before I could refuse. A granita doesn’t need whipped cream to be amazing. It’s just that good all by itself.

I love Granitas from PJ’s Coffeehouse so much that I sometimes threaten to leave our house in Cincinnati and drive down south to get one RIGHT NOW. So while in New Orleans over the weekend I probably had 6 or 7 of them. They are just that good. Thankfully there was a PJ’s Coffeehouse a block away from the apartment we were staying in.

So if you are in New Orleans, do yourself a favor and get yourself a Granita from PJ’s. You can thank me later. Happy Travels!

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