Cafe Du Monde Beignets and Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Du Monde

Each time we travel to New Orleans, a visit (or several!) to Cafe Du Monde is high on the list. Dave and I went to college in New Orleans at Tulane, and I’ve probably eaten my weight in beignets since they are cheap, filling and oh so delicious, but they never, ever get old. So when we arrive in town, we make a bee line to the French Quarter to eat our fill. Somewhat a cross between a doughnut and a funnel cake, a beignet served with cafe au lait (coffee with chicory mixed with hot milk and half and half) is a signature New Orleans delicacy that no trip to the Big Easy is complete without.

Visiting Cafe Du Monde

While there are several New Orleans locations, the original Cafe Du Monde coffee stand is located in the French Quarter across from the picturesque St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square which are destinations in and of themselves. So plan to spend a while looking around when visiting Cafe Du Monde to eat beignets and sip cafe au lait. The French Quarter location is the one we usually visit. Open 24 hours every day of the year except for Christmas, beignets and cafe au lait are delicious any time of day. I’ve eaten them for breakfast, as an afternoon snack and as a late night treat when taking a break from the chaos and madness of Bourbon Street. They are always scrumptious.Cafe Du Monde Beignets and Cafe Au LaitCafe Du MondeDepending on the time and day of the week that you visit Cafe Du Monde, you might find yourself waiting in a long line for a seat at the coffee stand. Lines generally move pretty quickly though, so don’t get discouraged as beignets and cafe au lait are well worth the wait! An added bonus is that there are often super entertaining street performers within watching distance of the coffee stand line. Once seated, a waiter will come to your table to take your order. The menu is limited to beignets to eat, but for drinks there are a few other choices from the standard Cafe Au Lait. Once you’ve ordered, your waiter will head inside to get your treats and will be back quickly with plates of steaming hot beignets covered in powdered sugar. Three to an order, you could share with a friend, but I certainly don’t. I want all three doughy puffs of beignet goodness all to myself! Your waiter will collect payment upon delivering your order to the table. Payment is in cash only so have your money ready. And just a tip, all that powdered sugar is VERY messy if you aren’t careful. I usually end up with some on my face and in my hair and pity the poor souls who wear black dress up clothes here. It’s almost impossible not to get sugared.Cafe Du MondeCafe Du MondeCafe Du MondeAnd since we miss Cafe Du Monde dearly once we’ve left New Orleans, we always buy a few boxes of Cafe Du Monde coffee with chicory and beignet mixes to whip up at home when we need our French Quarter fix. Luckily, we also found out that you can buy both the mix and chicory coffee online at Amazon which makes me oh so happy! To learn more about this awesome landmark, check out the following video.

Cafe Du Monde, another signature New Orleans destination which helps make this city so unforgettable. I CAN NOT wait until we go back.

Happy travels!


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