Best Epcot World Showcase Food

Eating Around the World – Best Epcot World Showcase Food

Looking for the best Epcot World Showcase food? No doubt about it, that’s hard to decide as there are tons of delicious options for drinks, snacks, meals and desserts when visiting Epcot. But we were up to the challenge! During our visit last month, we were determined to fill our bellies with the very best Epcot World Showcase food offerings. Since our time in Epcot was limited to half a day, we decided to focus our attention on counter service restaurants and food carts when searching for the best Epcot World Showcase food while exploring each of the “countries.”

We were still hungry from running the Walt Disney World Marathon (you can read about that experience HERE) the day before, when we arrived to Epcot ready to take on the “Best Epcot World Showcase Food” challenge. Before we arrived, we did our research by checking out menus online for the restaurants and food carts in World Showcase. So many yummy looking options! Knowing we couldn’t EAT something at every pavilion, we decided that we would mix it up and just have drinks at some of the countries. We knew we had our work cut out for us as we entered World Showcase and headed to Mexico.

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – Mexico

The Mexico Pavilion in World Showcase is beautiful and so much fun to explore. But since we were on a mission to find the very best food, we headed straight to Jardin de Fiestas, the small margarita and taco stand located to your right as you enter Mexico. Knowing we needed to pace ourselves, we decided to each get a lime margarita and split a Chicken Taco. And this was a great start in our search for the best Epcot World Showcase food. While the margaritas were average and overpriced, the taco was absolutely delicious. They also served a pork belly taco that looked amazing. This food cart is only here temporarily while another margarita stand is being built. I really hope they keep the menu though, as even Dave who craves authentic Mexican food loved our taco. We also were excited to get see Donald Duck in Mexico where he signed our infamous Donald Half Marathon Medals. Best Epcot World Showcase Food

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – China

Who doesn’t like Chinese Food? Apparently nobody, as there was already a crowd of hungry visitors at China’s counter service restaurant lined up to order when we arrived before noon. We definitely do too and the egg rolls we bought from Lotus Blossom Cafe in China were crispy and delicious and stuffed with pork and vegetables. The Shrimp Fried Rice looked delicious too, but since we were trying to pace ourselves, we stuck to something small. The covered patio area was crowded, so we headed to a nearby bench to enjoy our food overlooking the beautiful gardens in the China Pavilion.

You might be wondering why we skipped over Norway. There are lots of yummy sweet option in the Norway Pavilion, but the crowds of people lined up for both the Princess Breakfast at Akershus and the new Frozen ride led us to choose to keep on walking. I do love me some School Bread though.Best Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase Food

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – Germany

Only two snacks down, and I was already feeling full! Guess we weren’t as hungry from all the running that weekend as we had thought. So even though I was tempted, I skipped the HUGE pretzel from the beer cart in the Germany Pavilion and stuck to my favorite German treat- Beer. Dave drank up his Warsteiner Premium Dunkel and I found the Schöfferhofer Grapefruit to be deliciously refreshing. The amazing train display here is such a treat and we enjoyed watching it while sipping our brews.Best Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase Food

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – Italy

There’s not many things I like more than a Peach Bellini and I definitely enjoyed the one I bought in the Italy Pavilion while exploring the beautiful courtyard. Although expensive and small, it was still delicious and a welcome sweet treat. Surprisingly, there is no option of quick service pizza in Epcot which I would have loved to snack on. The gelato cart was tempting as well, but we weren’t quite ready for dessert.Best Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase Food

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – Japan

When Dave thinks of Japan, he thinks of Sake and Sushi, so that is what he enjoyed while we watched the Matsuriza Drummers performing in the Japan Pavilion. He said his sushi was fresh and delicious and it was a welcome lighter option after the heavier fare in many of the other pavilions. We almost bought a Kaki-Gori, which is basically a snow cone, but decided to move on. Best Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase Food

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – Morocco

I’ve visited Epcot’s World Showcase many times, but I had never eaten in the Morocco Pavilion so we were very excited to head to Tangierine Cafe to share a meal. In the small courtyard, we shared the Shawarma Chicken Platter and it was my favorite thing we tried all day. And that’s saying something since all we had done was eat and drink! If looking for the best world showcase food, head to Morocco. The unique fresh flavors of the Tabouleh and Couscous salad were especially wonderful. The Lamb Shawarma Platter is also popular, but the chicken was really tasty.Best Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase Food

Best Epcot World Showcase Food – France

By now, searching for the best Epcot World Showcase food had us full and about to burst. We decided to end our feast with dessert. And where better to get dessert than France? The pastry shop we usually head to,Boulangerie Patisserie Les Halles, was crazy crowded. So we headed to L’Artisan des Glaces in the Italy Pavilion for artisan ice cream- Dave chose a chocolate macaron ice cream sandwich and I had a scoop of the mint chocolate chip. As we sat in the courtyard with our sweet treats, we were utterly full of the very best Epcot World Showcase food.Best Epcot World Showcase FoodBest Epcot World Showcase Food

As we hobbled out of the World Showcase through the United Kingdom, we wished we had room for Fish and Chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop. But it was not to be as we were thoroughly stuffed. There’s always next time!

And what’s with Canada not having any snack options? I’ve always wanted to try the Cheese Soup from Le Cellier. A small soup stand would be the perfect addition. If you must get a snack here, head inside the gift shop where there are several Canadian candies to choose from.

Exploring Epcot is so much fun and one of the unique ways to visit is to spend an afternoon searching for the best Epcot World Showcase food and drinks while exploring all the nooks and crannies of each “country” you visit. Happy Travels!

Do you have a favorite Epcot World Showcase Treat? I’d love tips on what to try next time!

Disclosure: Dave and I received complimentary tickets to use during our visit to Walt Disney World.  Other than that, I was not compensated for this article and all opinions are my own.





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