Princess Half Marathon Part 1- All Star Sports

Princess Half Marathon All Star Sports Part 1

All Star Sports

My 13 year old daughter and I returned last week from Disney World where we ran the Princess Half Marathon. When you turn 13 at our house, you can pick a 13 mile race to do, and where better than the happiest place on earth? My oldest daughter and I ran this race two years ago, and this year it was Naomi’s turn. Since we love road trips, we decided to drive to Orlando from Cincinnati.  This is about 900 miles each way. We didn’t want Naomi to miss too much school, so we left on a Thursday afternoon after she was done for the day and drove about 8 hours to Macon, Georgia.  We stayed in the Best Western in Macon and it was great for a good nights rest at a budget price of 70 bucks which included breakfast. The next morning we woke up bright and early for the five hour drive to Orlando and made it there around noon. First stop was our hotel for the trip- All Star Sports at the Walt Disney World Resort. Check in was easy since we had done Online Check in a couple of weeks before we left. With no line, we walked right up to be helped. This is considered a value resort, but I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it is! When we did online check in I requested a room in the Baseball section of the resort (since we love Baseball!) not on the ground floor.  We got exactly what we asked for and had a room with a view of the Home Run pool.

Princess Half Marathon All Star Sports Home Run pool

Our room was adorable and perfect for the two of us. There was a cute towel mickey on the bed to welcome us when we came in. The rooms have two double beds, a small table with two chairs, and a mini fridge.  There is a single sink in the bathroom with not a lot of counter space.  I spread a shopping bag on the “closet” space shelf next to the sink.  That way our toiletries could be stored there without falling from the wire rack. I really like the privacy curtain between the bathroom area and bedroom. Since I usually wake up earlier than my family I definitely use this to get ready without bothering everyone else.

Princess Half Marathon All Star Sports

The resort is over the top fun. Each building is themed after a sport and the courtyards are decorated as such.  There’s surfing, tennis, football, basketball and baseball.  The football section has a giant football field in the courtyard, the tennis section has Donald and his nephews playing tennis in a giant tennis court, and the basketball section has huge baskets around a giant court. Like I said, we really loved the theme. However, if you are looking for refined elegance, this resort will not be for you. Since I am neither refined nor elegant, I loved it. And look what we found in the football section! Go U.C.!

Princess Half Marathon All Star Sports Go U.C.!

Princess Half Marathon: All Star Sports

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Have you run a Disney Race? I’d love to hear about it!

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