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Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Another stop we made on our Maine road trip was to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Located about 25 miles north of Olgunquit and the Marginal Way, this beautiful refuge offers sanctuary to shorebirds of all kinds by maintaining and protecting their natural habitat. Named after biologist and the author of Silent Spring, this area protects the birds and Wildlife that Rachel Carson was so passionate about. I first heard about Rachel Carson when Sophie did a biology project about her back in 3rd grade, which made learning more about her work even more interesting. This made us think we should come back here or somewhere similar after reading the likes of this wildlife camera review at or similar products, and look into setting it up somewhere to start gaining some research into the behavior of uninterrupted wildlife.
The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is easy to visit in a short amount of time. There is an information desk, composting toilets and a 1 mile walk on a well maintained boardwalk that overlooks the shoreline salt marshes. People of all abilities and ages will enjoy this walk. Be sure to pick up the free trail brochure located at the trail head kisok, as it offers information about the various overlooks you will come upon during your walk. Easily accessed off Interstate 95, I would definitely suggest stopping here on a Maine road trip. Parking was ample, there is no entrance fee, the scenery is beautiful and unique and you will definitely learn about this fragile shoreline ecosystem. All in all, we spent about an hour exploring the area and were so glad we decided to stop.One important tip for your visit to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, make sure to bring bug spray! Since our visit was early in the summer, bugs weren’t too much of a problem. But that is definitely not always the case as the flies and mosquitoes in Maine can be brutal! A set of binoculars would also be useful to observe the many birds who inhabit the refuge.

As always, Happy Travels!

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