Disney Princess Half Marathon Part 7- Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon Part 7

Magic Kingdom

Today was our last morning at Disney World and we were finishing up at Magic Kingdom.  We woke up early and ate a quick breakfast at the All Star Sports food court (croissant sandwiches again!) before heading to the Magic Kingdom bus.  We arrived about 45 minutes before park opening so used the time to take some pictures. We ALWAYS prefer to arrive before rope drop.  The crowds really pick up as the day goes on.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Magic Kingdom Entrance

Disney Princess Half Marathon Magic Kingdom Entrance

We had an agenda to meet and get some pics with the Princesses and Mickey before it got crazy crowded.  As the crowd began to gather anticipating park opening, Naomi and I positioned ourselves at the right side entrance so we could head straight to the character meet at the Town Square Theater. You can now get fast passes for character meets but we just wanted to get there first thing so that we could be free to explore the rest of the park. At this point the weather was really windy and was starting to look stormy so I ran over to the stroller rental kiosk and bought ponchos. I’m pretty sure they were $6.50 each and I was very glad I bought them since the rain started falling later that morning and stayed around for most of the day.

The morning welcome show started with the train carrying the family of the day, various characters and Mickey Mouse.  The train drives right over the entrance with many characters on board.  Hearing all the little kids around me excited to see Mickey and their other favorites is cute. I love this little show and challenge you to get the “Good Morning” song out of your head once you hear it! The park then opened and Naomi and I headed over to the character area. Our approach payed off and we were first in line for the princesses. We went in and met Rapunzel, Aurora, and Cinderella. For some reason there was no photopass photographers inside the theater so I just used my camera.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Meeting Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon  Meeting Aurora at Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon Meeting Cinderella at Magic Kingdom

We left the princess section and got in line for Mickey Mouse.  The line was still very short and we went in pretty quickly and got our picture. Score!  Character lines can be really long so I was happy we had gotten to see them first.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Meeting Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom

Now that we had our pictures and autographs we headed up Main Street and went to Adventureland.  We rode Pirates of the Caribbean without any wait and then went towards Frontierland where we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad twice with almost no wait.  This is why I love getting there early! Splash Mountain was closed for refurbishment so we couldn’t ride. 🙁 We next headed towards Liberty Square and rode Haunted Mansion where there is a new interactive line area with many cute special effects such as a stone organ that plays if you move in front of it and touch the keys and a bookcase with books moving in and out by themselves. You can skip this part if you want but you should go through it if the line is not too long because it is a lot of fun. We rode our doom buggy and liked it as much as we usually do.  My kids used to be scared of this but they are now older and (more jaded?) wiser so no fear this time, just fun and laughter.

By this time it was raining pretty steady so we just put on our ponchos and went with it. Having grown up in Florida I know that it rarely rains for the entire day so just keep on with your plans and eventually it should clear up.  Added bonus is that the park gets much less crowded when it rains!

Disney Princess Half Marathon Imprisoned by the rain- Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon Couldn't get the sword out of the stone

In Fantasyland we rode the new Under the Sea Little Mermaid ride and it was really cute!  We used fastpasses for this so there was very little wait. It is a very colorful and cute ride and a nice addition to Fantasyland.  Naomi also tried to get the sword out of the stone but sadly failed. We then saw Philharmagic with a fastpass followed by It’s a Small World. You should do all of these attractions if you go.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Goofing off before Philharmagic

Disney Princess Half Marathon It's a small world after all- Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon It's a Small World- Disney World

These rides are classic for a reason and are just adorable. We also ate a nice lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus. Naomi had the Caprese flatbread, an iced tea, and chocolate cake for dessert.  I had the Cheese Flatbread, iced coffee and chocolate gelato. Everything was delicious. We had purchased the quick service dining plan for our trip so this was two counter service credits and a ton of food!  We could easily have shared.  This is another reason what makes me think that we won’t purchase a quick service dining plan again.

In Tomorrowland Monsters Inc. Laugh In was hilarious and I then beat Naomi big time on the super fun ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  Go mom! I waited in line with Naomi for Space Mountain (like I said, I’m a wuss!) and then took the chicken exit again because if I haven’t developed a love of coasters by this point in my life, I probably never will.

We decided to go watch the Dreams Along With Mickey Show in front of the castle and it was adorable! By being at Disney in the winter, there were so many things we got to do that we normally skip on summer trips. This show is an example of that.  In the summer it is just too hot to sit and wait in the bright summer sun but in the winter it was pleasant. I am always impressed with the performers at Disney World as they are always top notch and we both really enjoyed it.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Dream Along With Mickey- Magic Kingdom

Celebrate a Dream Come True

At this point our energy was waning so we picked a spot along Main Street to wait for the daytime parade- Celebrate a Dream Come True.  Again, having usually gone to Disney World in the summer, this was the first time I watched this parade in its entirety.  In the summer it is just to hot to sit and cook while the parade passes so we just see bits of it as we walk by. It is another thing I am so glad I got to see!  The characters waved at all of us watching and the music is great too. By now the sun had returned and it was nice with temps in the 80’s. We found a spot about 25 minutes before the parade started and sat for a while people watching all those coming down Main Street.  Naomi was tired and napped on my shoulder.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade- Magic Kingdom

Disney Princess Half Marathon Magic Kingdom- Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

Disney Princess Half Marathon Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

Our day so far had been fantastic so far and we were very much looking forward to our dinner at Be Our Guest in Beast’s castle!

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Have you gone to Disney before?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Travels!



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