Miller’s Amish Market

Just about an hour drive, Miller’s Amish Market in West Union is a wonderful place to visit on a day trip from Cincinnati. Dave and I spent a relaxing weekend at the fabulous Murphin Ridge Inn and walked to Miller’s Bakery, Furniture and Bulk Foods on a short trail through the woods on a blustery spring day.  Amidst farm land, horse and buggies and clotheslines, visiting Miller’s Amish Market is like stepping back in time. From the exquisite handcrafted furniture to the most delicious molasses cookies and pumpkin bars I have ever eaten, the talented Amish artisans peddle their quality goods with friendliness and charm.Miller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish Market

Miller’s Amish Market Furniture

The huge selection of handcrafted wood furniture at Miller’s Amish Market is simply amazing. Everywhere I looked in the large showroom had gorgeous pieces including clocks, beds, dressers, benches, rocking chairs and tables. I have my heart set on a large oak farm table I saw in their store. Not only is the furniture beautiful, the quality is impeccable. Furniture bought here will be in your family for generations. Miller’s Amish Market also sells beautiful high quality outdoor furniture including rockers, picnic tables and birdhouses.Miller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish Market

Miller’s Amish Market Bakery

There is too much deliciousness in Miller’s Amish Market to describe. While the bakery is small, the selection is amazing including fresh bread, rolls, pies, pretzels, fried pies, cookies and so on. I scarfed down a cherry fried pie in about 5 seconds. It was that good. And the kids loved the molasses cookies and pumpkin bars I brought home to share with them. Miller's Amish Market

Miller’s Amish Market Bulk Foods

Half of the bulk foods section of Miller’s felt like a regular discount grocery, but the other half offered delicious jams, jellies, candies and bulk goods. There is also a small restaurant inside selling scrumptious overstuffed sandwiches. The hot pepper jelly is amazing over cream cheese with crackers and I have been happily enjoying the apple butter on my toast each morning. Miller's Amish Market

Miller’s Amish Market

Other items that can be purchased at Miller’s include play ground sets, wagons, chicken coops and even shed and barn kits. I was amazed at all of the quality items they sell. And others must agree because the whole market was bustling with customers when we visited.Miller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish MarketMiller's Amish Market

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit on a day trip from Cincinnati, check out Miller’s Amish Market for delicious food and quality handmade furnishings. You will be glad you did.

Have you visited Amish country before? I’d love to hear about it! Happy travels!

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