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Backpacking Recipes – Dehydrated Chili

We have big adventures planned this summer on the Appalachian Trail and I’ve been keeping busy preparing the meals we will take with us backpacking. One of our favorite dinners to eat on the trail is dehydrated chili and I’ve whipped up several batches to store in our deep freeze until we set off. Making our own dehydrated meals has many benefits compared to packaged backpacking dinners. Not only are they MUCH cheaper, I am able to control the quality of the ingredients when I prepare our own. And like this dehydrated chili recipe, we thoroughly enjoy the meals we eat on the trail.

Making dehydrated chili is super easy and with a small amount of effort, we are able to enjoy several dinner’s worth. We enjoy ground beef in our chili, but this could easily be prepared without meat as a vegetarian option. 



Preparing the Dehydrated Chili at Camp-

Equipment Needed to Make Dehydrated Chili for Backpacking-

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