A Blistered Kind of Love- Book Review

A Blistered Kind of Love — One Couple’s Trial by Trail

By Angela and Duffy Ballard

One of the best books I have read recently was A Blistered Kind of Love: One Couple’s Trial by Trail by Angela and Duffy Ballard.  The book is a hilarious narrative and touching account of their thru hike of the 2,663 mile long Pacific Coast Trail which runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington.

A Blistered Kind of Love
A Blistered Kind of Love

I love backpacking and I love my husband and I have a bucket list dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail with him someday so the subject is close to my heart, but I think anyone would enjoy this book.  While the authors don’t sugar coat the real trials of long distance hiking, there is no way to not feel inspired when reading their humorous account of hiking together.  It’s more than a hiking journal, it’s also very much a love story– not in the saccharine dripping way, but in the forged by fire way.  With a crazy cast of characters as well as an honest account of their vacillating feelings towards each other and the trail, I couldn’t put this book down once I started and was inspired throughout. I love reading books that inspire adventure and wanderlust and this wonderful book did both.

Happy Travels!

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3 replies on “A Blistered Kind of Love- Book Review”
  1. says: Angela Ballard

    Tricia, Thank you so much for recommending “Blistered” to others! It’s so flattering to have readers like you enjoy our book and pass that joy along.
    Caroline, if you read “Blistered”, I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks for considering it as part of your personal library.

    Happy trails and Kind Regards,
    Angela Ballard

  2. says: Caroline

    I recently read Wild and it’s about the author’s journey along the PCT and I loved the book. I am this one to my list. Thanks for the suggestion!

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